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Unexplored ruins. Terrifying monsters. Live the legend! GemStone III is a high fantasy roleplaying game that features a vast and detailed world to explore, amazing creatures to meet and fight, and a wide variety of professions and to build your character from!


Give your mind a treat and sign up to explore GemStone III for 30 days, FREE. After that, it's just $12.95 per month!




Please note that there are no wizards writing catch clauses nor conniving marketing trolls concocting new ways to hook you. If you decide that the game is not for you, simply let us know before the end of your trial. Doing so will ensure that you are not billed or otherwise obligated to us.


So visit The Gemstone Home Page today and browse the many informative guides in the Information section. Or you can also Learn much from the player run websites lined to on the main page.


Join Gemstone 3 today! B)

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Screw off Mike you are a dork. Do you know what he said last night? No of coarse you dont you wernt there.


We had some food but it turned out that it was old so we got something else and when we were sitting the second time he said the stupidest thing. "Heh, I feel like a hobit having second dinner".



Can you say DORK. anyways Everquest is much bertter cuz it has graphics

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:D Screw off?


:angry: Who the fuck are you to tell me to screw off?


I don't believe I was talking in your direction since you find reading painful and stupid so what the hell was that for might I ask? There weren't any demands in there, no slander, nothing but a friendly "Join today" line at the bottom.


Call me a dork, poke fun at whatever the fuck you want, I don't really care. But knock off the Goddamn attitude, I don't randomly tell you to go fuck off hen you ask whats for dinner. You said your not a Troll, Stop acting like one.


I expect miscellanious crap to be flung from Chiefs corner but besides being original and pretty funny about it most of the time, we've been going back and forth with it for years, its almost tradition to get heckled by him in these threads. It'd almost be a shame if he ran out of material.


Shit like this isn't endearing, it simply pisses people off.

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Ah almost forgot to reply to IC.


No, I'm not banned. We just had to quit for awhile because we couldn't afford the monthly bill and I was the only one really playing, were loo0king to start again somewhere in feb-march. Tossed in the yearly recruitment when i saw i was fixing to hit post 1000, was too fitting. :D


And funny enough I would get commission. They have a buddy system that for every month a buddy you reccommended plays you get entered in drawings for some sweet in game prizes. B)


...Damn I had forgotten about that part. Looks like I'll have brush up on my marketing skills :D

Edited by TopDawg540
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Let's learn about TD's infamous game by studying his habbits therein:


-He's printed volumes of manuals (off the company's dime, mind ya ;) ) for mapping, stats, beast information etc. I dont believe its all that complicated but he's a fan of easily-accessable reference.


-He truly may have spent more time in these lands than reality, so there's gotta be some replayability.


-As his List of the Gods profile says, members of the game actually have parties out here sometimes.


-While we're at it, for those that dont know, he met his wife (Chrpnbrd) through this game. That's right. And had he not done so, he'd be working retail & hating life in Miami, while I, with no actual Texas point of reference, would be lookin for a firefighting job somewerhe else on the lower (warmer!) east coast. Funny how things work out, eh?


Anyway, it also converted him from a console guy to a full-fledged PC whore, so there's gotta be somethin to it.

Not for everybody, certainly, but the select few ive met that get into it seem to really enjoy it...

...like a cult. :emotions:

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SB: Your just a touch to quick to go cuss happy, gets a little old sometimes and used in the wrong way can give the wrong impression. Sorry if i snapped a bit, guess I did read a touch more into it than it was, All's cool.


For IC's post, yes, this game can most certainly be a life altering experiance. But one of the things I MOST love about it is the flexability of involvment.


Its the widest range of any game I have played. A begginner can jump right in through the web interface (no downloading) and roll a "quick character" from preset settings and be playing in less than 5 minutes. In game help is in abundance to teach you the essentials right away and learn more daily throught hands on experiance.


OR if your a veteran and REALLY want to go nucking futs there are hundreds of websites avaliable with formula breakdowns and guides for crating certain types of characters and you can spend hours crafting the perfect adventurer.


Also there are innumerable middle-ground spots to reach, once in th game you can further customize your character as far as you wish. From cool looking clothing to alterable physical characteristics, enchanted and unique armor and weapons, Join one of many Houses, become part of the town militia, Join a your professions guild, carry out quests, you can do all of the above or some or none, You can just hunt. Or if you wish to be social you can hardly hunt at all and socialize in town almost round the clock.


There are 8 Classes and 8 races all can be combined for different characters and all professions being able to train in everything makes for many unique and interesting characters.


The replayability is just about infinite, Depending on the Level of membership more and more options become avaliable. All of the above would be the BASIC $12.95/mo package.


While $12 a month fro a text game sounds harsh, this is a game that can keep you entertained for a Loooong time (5 years so far here) and you'd spend more buying a $50 pc/console game every couple of months.


And like IC brought up there are several Official and unofficial Player gatherings and kick as sparties that go on on a regular basis.


Basically you can't really lose anything by trying a free membership. 30 days you pay and download nothing, Don't like it just cancel. But if any of you are interested let me know and I'll give you the link to sign up referred by me (for my commission :D) and I'll get you started right.


I'm on hiatus right now but will be playing again with the wife withing a month of two. More info to come later.

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