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RUMOR: Netflix working with Blizzard on 'Diablo' series - Hellboy writer attached?


Netflix has found success adapting games into TV series, as they did with Castlevania (which will return for its second season on October 26), and they seem to have found their next foray into that world. A hot rumor just arrived on my desk, and it concerns the Diablo video game franchise getting its own Netflix series, and that a writer has already been tapped to develop it.

The early buzz on the upcoming Hellboy remake is quite positive and, as is often the case when Hollywood hears good things about a relatively unknown talent and seeks to lock them up before their price tag soars to new heights, the writer of the film has apparently been tapped for Diablo. His name is Andrew Cosby, and when I say he’s “relatively unknown,” I mean so only in terms of being a household name. Cosby has been around a while, and even co-founded BOOM! Studios. He’s got an extensive resumé when it comes to adapting movies into comic books, as well as producing movies and TV series, and now he’s been hired to adapt the Diablo games into a TV show for Netflix.


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