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So, I'll be honest here: the majority of the videos posted are fine. All fall under my 4 criteria for the New Jack Swing sound.


1) R&B singing.

2) Funky 90s dance beat/slapping snare drum.

3) Rap verse.


And the most important...


4) Young black/urban student lifestyle.


Yes, some of these songs are about money and cars and that's not New Jack. The song must be about what it's like to be young, black, in high school/college. MJ having a song up where Michael Jordan is shootin around is not New Jack.


Also, while I love Heavy-D, his songs have too much rapping. It's crazy to exclude him as he might have helped created the genre (along with Teddy Riley). I'm willing to discuss this point. The others? No. My word is final. No exceptions.

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hah!  so heavy has too many verses for you or what?  because he's not the only rapper with 3-4 verses in such a track


and bear in mind MJ's Dangerous is considered a new jack swing album (even though clearly not every track fits the bill), it was his take on the sound - i can't see any reason to discount Jam other than a) your desire to take D off the table here and b) honestly i adore the video but it's depressing a fuck when you realize how many people from it aren't around any more 



i left off a ton of great tracks though, post some of your favorites that i missed when you can man 

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Nah, Heavy-D's verse on Jam isn't the disqualifying factor for it being taken off the list. It's the fact that it's a Michael Jackson song. It's like if Justin Bieber made an album where he raps on a handful tracks (in between singing) and it's considered a hip-hop album. No, it's still pop. Heavy-D's songs above, however, are rap heavy (heh) and can be argued don't belong in the genre.



Also, I forgot to mention this in my earlier post, but what is that Queen Pen song doing in this thread?

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so if MJ was around and did a trap album (beats, features) it'd still be pop?  ehhhh...he's a pop artist, sure, but the album would be categorized by its dominant sound.  dangerous gets called "the most successful new jack swing album of all time"!  that's gotta count for something



and yeah party aint a party feels like a stretch but queen pen is teddy riley's protege...honestly, ive seen writeups drawing lines from new jack swing to stuff like bad boy/shiny suit era.  you're right though, that one fits the least here



^one of my persona faves




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Now you're just posting R&B joints. We have another thread for that. Nah, this genre is better suited being smaller rather than larger. I love the idea that this was just a flash in the pan and can only exist between "this date" and "this date" and with strict rules. Like Bruno Mars made that joint wit Cardi B and can NEVER be considered New Jack Swing because it was made in 2018.

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