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Leaving Neverland

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94% on RT, too...


not gonna lie: I'm not yet ready for this one, but glad it's being heard. like most diehard MJ fans i wrote off allegations as opportunistic, and him sleeping with kids as a heightened peter pan syndrome courtesy of joe jackson's upbringing/his denied childhood/etc...but what I'm hearing about this one points to a lot more than that, and dismissing tons of kiddie porn, creepy messages/etc isn't something I'd afford to someone who didn't write human nature, and i gotta reckon with that eventually 


this might've been better for the separating the art from the artist thread so i may move it there later - but unlike someone living & actively doing harm (like r kelly), this isn't so much about cancellation as my selfish fear of having his works tainted for me, something that's gonna happen either way. 


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Ugh yeah was wondering when this thread would pop up. Sucks cause Ive only just recently actually started listening his music. Like listening listening. 



Smooth Criminal and Beat It are gonna be tough listens now

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