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How do you rank Lays chips?


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1. Cool ranch
2. Nacho cheese Doritos
3. Cheetos
4. BBQ lays
5. Fritos
6. Original lays


Five and six both give me migraines so I'd probably rather leave them off the list entirely. It's weird though, regular Fritos make me sick but the chili cheese Fritos don't. They taste so much better too! Mmm...now I want some.

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I made the awful mistake while being in the states recently of picking up a bag of what I thought were going to be chilli heatwave Doritos (red bag in Ireland) and not thinking too much of it and nearly being violently sick everywhere when it turned out to be Nacho Cheese Doritos as I find they taste of how feet smell.


That would put them firmly at the bottom of any list of this kind for me.

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