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Ray Tracing


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with PS5/nextbox on deck, this is one of those effects the techie crowd has been on about & while i'm not normally interested in this stuff, i saw a few videos about what it does with lighting and it does seem kinda cool so here they are 




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Ray tracing is one of those technologies that has been around for a long time but its only recently we have the hardware capable of doing it in real time. It does produce more naturally lit scenes and more realistic behavior from transitions in variable light environments. However, we've had quite a long time of learning different lighting tricks in our game engines that do a good enough job at faking what ray-tracing does that its not as revolutionary as it might have been had the tech come 5-10 years ago.


All of that said. Its "nice" and from a coding perspective actually requires less work than modern lighting methods, Its just more computationally demanding. I'm not on board with RTX because while the it has dedicated raytracing cores you still see FPS drops because those cores end up bottlenecking the rest of the graphics render. I'm not saying anyone else has something better, just that we are definitely in "early adopter" years.


Still, for anyone who doesn't have unlimited money with which to buy computer parts with raytracing is awhile off and what we see in next gen consoles will probably be on par with what we have right now, as opposed to where the tech will have gone in the next few years.

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