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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

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I have a bit of a confession to make myself... I'm drunk... if I disagree with myself later when I'm sober, I'll post again, but I saw this one today, so yeah, I''ll review it drunk....


Good stuff. Confessions is the story of Chuck Barris, a TV producer who created the dating game, the gong show, the newleywed game, and lots of other hits. What most people dont know is that he was also an assasin for the CIA. The movie is a pretty straight forward account of that era of his life.


The direction is pretty good. Of course, it's a bit over-directed, all kinds of fancy lighting, fancy colors, fancy camera angles, camrea moves, and reeeealy fancy transitions. In like every transition, the camera pans in one direction, then pans back and it's a different scene. Cool looking, but a bit overdone. I liked the approach. Few people have the balls to be this stylish on their first movie, and though its a little bit much, its fucking great for a first effort, and I'd rather he'd been this crazy about style than not done anything interesting.


Acting was great too Sam Rockwell was fucking great as Chuck Barris. Loved the performance. Clooney has lots of friends, so there's a good ensemble of supporting characters and cameos. Drew Barrymore also gives a great, great performance. I really thought this was one of the best performances of her carreer. Really likeable character.


The writing was good, but it a got a little bit directionless and muddled right before the end. Just a bit though, still good stuff, some great lines and great sense of humor throughout the whole thing. I couldn't beleive that all of this shit actually happened, it's based on the mans autbiography.


So, in all, a fine movie. Good sense of humor and style. Between the ensemble of actors and a few directing choices it feels like a Soderbergh (director who works with clooney sometimes ie. out of sight, solaris, oceans 11, traffic) movie at a few parts but Clooney does get a general feeling that is all his own on this one. A lot of times, these "actor who wants to direct" movies come out poorly but this one shows a huge enthusiasm for being behind the camera, and it's just a really cool movie, so check this one out, you shouldn't be dissapointed.


:ill: :D

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I couldn't beleive that all of this shit actually happened, it's based on the mans autbiography.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I do know that just because a man (especially one as nutty as Chuck Barris) writes in his autobiography that he was an assasin for the CIA doooesn't always mean it's a true story.

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hmm, true, true, very good point, and now that I think about it, in the few interviews they had scattered round through the movie. The people did say that they didnt know if it was all true, but they wouldn't doubt very much the possibility. Either way, if anything, his autobiography is a fine work of fiction.

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