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So I was driving a friend to the airport this morning and I'm listening to Zeta, Miami's "New Rock" station. They have a morning talk show, which typically I hate. But today was different. Who should drop by but Ed Kowalczyk, lead singer and primary songwriter for Live. They've been mixing their sixith album (current called Birds Of Pray) in Miami and he drpped by to play two cuts off it, which he claimed would get him in trouble with his label (hard to tell if he was joking or not). It was the world premiere of those two songs and no other station, including Zeta will be allowed to play them until they are released. Of course they will be on th radio soon, but I still heard them just days after they were finished being mixed. They songs were "What Are We Fighting For?", which isn't corny like it sounds, or as corny anyway, and "Like I Do", a cool ass hard rocking jam. I'll loved everything I'd heard of Live's, and while they hit it HUGE in 1994 with Throwing Copper, they're stuff isn't generally mainstream enough for massive radio play, but they have afan following like any great rock band. So I doubt their album will hit it big, btu it should rock out. I saw them in concert along with several other bands, and they stand up to Green Day and Incubus, who played right before them, as a world class live act.


I came to my attention many months ago that some of our board Euro folk had never heard of Live. Live is a very big sounding band. They're the kind of band that I could imagine playing in a small club, but only in a soccer stadium, similar to the way Led Zeppelin or The Who or Pearl Jam just sound BIG. They've got this old U2 sort of spirituality about them. I recommended this before, but in case they never got around to it, anything of Throwing Copper is excellent. The singles included Lightning Crashes, I Alone, Selling The Drama, and All Over You. Other good song not off that album include Pain Lies On The Riverside, Rattlesnake, Dolphin's Cry, and Evolution Revolution Love by Tricky featuring Ed Kowalczyk. Live will be touring Europe in the early summer it seems. They come highly recommended in concert.


Thsi thread can act as a Live appreciation thread.

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Every big band can get audience to sing along to their hit singles, but Live has most people singing along to EVERY song, and EVERYONE signign along to the hit singles. I've never felt as transendent as I have singing "lightning crashes" with everyone else in a huge stadium.


"oh now feel it, comin back again, like a rolling, thunder chasing the wind, forces pullin' from the center of the earth again, i can feel it."


And lets not forget "I Alone"


"I alone love you, I alone tempt you, I alone love you, fear is not the end of this!"

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