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Anyone Capcom Vs SNK 2 On XBox Live Players?

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Id really like to play this one, serioulsy...Street Fighter online, ive waited years for that shit!


Here's what Penny Arcade had to say on it, not sure how true it is:


Once you actually get into a game there is the issue of lag. And oh boy is there ever lag. Every game I played suffered from some degree of it and a few were so bad that the game was totally unplayable. At first I thought maybe it was because I was playing people on the other side of the country but then I played with a buddy who was local and it was like a fucking slide show.


Then there is the problem of the controller. It blows.


For those of you unsure about getting it let me give you a sneak peek at what awaits you. First you will get online and join a game. Then the person you are playing will select Ryu, Sagat and Akuma. He will then proceed to hand you your ass all the while saying things like "That’s it bitch, suck it!" and "See what I gots for ya bitch!" Then the match will end and he will tell you to eat a dick.

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Yes - I'll agree with the controller idea. It does suck. Thats why I use the smaller xbox controller (from Microsoft), and I also have a PS2 controller plug that lets me use it on my XBox. But I haven't seen virtually any lag during fights - except in between rounds. So far so good. :D

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ooooh....lookit mr spiffywhore from a distance...you mustve repressed the memories of cable's "bust a cap in that ass" 3 hit combo that keep you at a distance...or Wolvy's "button mashing berserker barrage"...

Fear not buddy, ill mosey on out that way sometime this year and remind you....

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