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What's your favorite AIC disc?  

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This is a thread to talk about AIC. I kinda just add the poll because I figured "why noy?" When voting, take into consideration that while the two EPs are shorter than the albums, give credit to consitancy as well as length.


I've been aware of AIC's radio stuff for forever now, but over the past few months I've been listening to some of their albums (Dirt, Sap, Jar Of Flies, Unplugged). Am loving them all, but I absolutely love Sap (except for the bonus track). Short, yes, but I love all 4 songs on it, and that's the disc I voted for. Looking back now, it seems to me that Alice In Chains is having a bigger influence on today's rock and metal bands (for better or worse) than many of the other big contenders of the early 90s. At their peaks, I would have assumed Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins or Soundgarden to be bigger influences, but looking at acts fro the late 90s to early 2000s, Alice In Chains seems to be the bigger archetype. While all the formerly mentioned bands were huge influences, I think AIC seems to be more impactful. Any thoughts on this?

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Hell, just look at godsmack, not only do they try ever so hard to sound excactly like AIC, they're named after a fucking alice in chains song for chrissake!

I think I'd go for Dirt, the whole thing just flows together really well and creates one hell of a mood, there's an insane amount of texture in their stuff.

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That's true. I usually don't like it when rock bands have lots of string sections or operatic background vocals and such because it's usually just a production trick to hide bad compositions and create a fuller sound, but Alice In Chains really knew how to use that sort of thing properly and create a more interesting sound that complimented their 'guitar, bass and drums' rock sound. Why didn't you vote Junker?

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Im going for Dirt solely because its the only album i have of theirs at the moment. Im only getting into them now but my friends a huge fan so i reckon I will be doing a bit of borrowing from him.


What do you guys think of Jerry Cantrell's solo effort while we are on the AIC subject

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I've only heard of it, haven't hear anythign off it. Same with Dave Navarro's solo effort.


Dirt is great. Download or rip the songs on Sap next, then Jar Of Flies. Oh yeah. Both are EPs and if you burn those two on a CD together and you have a CD ten times better than Dirt IMO.

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I have Jerry Cantrell's first solo cd, it's pretty damned good stuff, sounds like AIC, but not as heavy. Good stuff, I guess I reccomend "cut you in", only song I can remember by name off the top of my head, and I loved his single from his second solo cd, "anger rising." Also, if you like AIC, listen to Mad Season, Lane Stanley Side Project, amazing stuff on a great cd called "above."

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