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  1. still missing one of the original member of our Irish Chapter, man.

  2. where'd you wander off to anyway, man? we got a proper Irish Chapter going these days, and one of our old-schoolers is nowhere to be found. fuckin tragic.

  3. Quite a good band. Amazing videos obviously
  4. Gallas is criminally underrated by Chelsea. Also Newcastle Boumsong for 3.5 million to Juve is up their with selling Traore for 2.5 million to Charlton. Brilliant stuff.
  5. Fulham are goners if you ask me. They need to sort out Malbranque and Boa Morte looks to be leaving too. I don't fancy Wigan this year either. Not enough convincing buys mid season and they're putting all their hope behind Emile Heskey. A foolish move if you ask me. I think Reading and Watford have the mentality although not the resources to stay up. Good to see Kevin Doyle popping a goal in for Reading last night. Lord knows Ireland need strikers. Nice to see Spurs good form again. Berbatov and Keane look to be a lethal combination and the addition(if they get him) of Downing would c
  6. Stankonia wins it for me. Must get into their older stuff more though.
  7. Everlong is best. The Evil Dead references win it for me. Gondry sure likes his sleep related narratives. And yes everyone does need the Michel Gondry DVD and the Spike Jonze. The others aren't great.. I bought Antoin Corbin's and was subjected to some of the worst videos ever.
  8. Ha, yeah as good as a shotstopper that he is, he is prone but to making an absolute dogs dinner of some things. You see Marlon King's goal last night? He was thought how to do that at Forest.
  9. I mean he's shit in that Terry and Carvalho don't have that link with him. They don't know whether he's coming or going which will ultimately make it more difficult for them to mark their men.
  10. It's cause Cudicini is a pile of dog shit
  11. It's cause Cudicini is a pile of dog shit
  12. Shit the bed! Roy Keane managing Sunderland
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