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Spiderman Lawsuit


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Eh...you remember all the rumors in years past of a James Cameron Spidey flick, with a CG Venom and Di Caprio as Parker? This license spent most of the 90's in limbo - word was out back when the character had a large audience, pre-clone wars. For the longest time, it seemed it wouldnt happen at all, because as that article explained, there was far too much litigation - Sony, Viacom (they did the cartoon), MGM etc all arguing over the movie rights, which Marvel Enterprise's interesting licensing procedures screwed, thankfully, the current management seems to have a much better head on their shoulders.

Even so, no im honestly unsure of what this is about; if i was to guess...starting with X-Men, marvel's been licensing out some pretty heavy hitters (outside of Daredevil, im told), but they scarecely made a dime off X-Men, and they really needed it then - Ive read the idea was to give studios a good deal at first & continually ask for more & more as they movies rake it in, or something to that affect. I'm guessing they make a bigger cut off the merchandising too, as their in-house shit studio Toy Biz does the figures (fuck you, Avi Arad).

Then, Stan "The Whore" Lee, a few months back, announced he intended to sue the house of ideas to get some of that Spider-Man chedda (funny, co-creator Steve Ditko hasnt been heard from). Lee already receives royalties of over 1 million a year from the company, regardless of how close theyve come to bankrupcy, but saw the sales figures on Spidey & its merchandise and got an idea, i guess. Maybe this has something to do with that?

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