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Eateries & the ongoing pandemic


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was looking it up and at least here in the states, possibly several hundred thousand bars & restaurants are now gone since covid began.  eateries in particular are hard to keep open, but this has just been brutal for those industries.


have y'all lost any favorite spots? out here, ichiban was a japanese buffet that was so much better than buffet food ever is for me, but that place had no chance in this environment. a couple great sandwich spots are gone now, too.


feel free to mourn spots/dives you miss here as well

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We had this phenomenal Mauritian place where I'm living that went under just before Christmas just gone. We'd supported them regularly enough during lockdown, but they were sadly quite niche before the pandemic and I think that while they did adjust things a bit during the last 2 years, they were sadly always fighting a losing battle.


The really fucking sad thing over here in Dublin, there's a restaurant group that has been feasting off of places closing down by buying up the vacant store and continuing the monster that they are.

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