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Wish i had more info here, the president of the club's a bit of a friend of mine, lives with some other otaku of the club...ill post their summer schedule soon as i get it; as Yahven mention in another thread, their site is:

FIU Anything Goes Anime Club


They used to meet in GC 140 (where the movies are shown), a decent group with some great, hard to find stuff - me & Yahven were fortunate to see a number of series we woulndt have gotten a chance to see otherwise.  They also try to keep a good balance of drama, action, mech nonsense, etc, and the damn thing's free, last i checked...just show up & watch.

But dont sit up front.  That's where the guy who doesnt believe in bathing sits.  He's alright, yeah, but...christ. :ill:


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