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Max is a movie about Hitler when he was a painter. John Cusak plays Hitler's (fictionalized) one armed art mentor. The premise alone is worth the price of admission here. The movie's thesis is that politics is the new art. Hitler couldn't express himself on canvas so he expressed himself through politics. This was a really cool movie. It does indeed portray Hitler as a human being, cause, I mean, he was one. Noah Taylor does a fine job of being Hitler, angry, lost and pathetic. Cusak carries the movie though. He is really the lead, not Hitler, and he is fantastic. This is probably his most mature role and he's perfect. It's funny at points, as grave as the subject matter is, you can't help but chuckle at some lines ("Come on Hitler, lets go find some girls!"). The movie doesn't really have a big moral or messag; it sort of presents a "what if" scenario and tries to give us a human hitler, and does some commenting on art. Very good stuff though, beyond the general premise it was a very good movie. Catch it if it's playing anywhere near you.

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