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Well... I've finally done it.


I've started my own CGI Graphics company.


Dawg Pound Creations


The site will be updated frequently so check back often for updates. I figure it'll be a year or so before its really ready for public debut, but as of right now I'm offering my services to board members only free of charge. : )


Full services are on the site, I've already made some Custom PIP's (post meter icons) for a few senate members and I've got some ideas for the board itself but i'd love some custome requests as I really need to hone some skills and flat out learn many more.


For now I'm using Paint and Frontpage Express heavily and I've got some access to Corel and Adobe Photoshop but i'm still a bit rusty with them. Pips, Avatars and Smilies are doable for me but I'm unproven at animated versions of the same for the moment until I get practice with them.


Also on a side note I'd like to thank IC. Without a friendly kick in the rear with the "what would you do if everything failed" thread i probably never would have gotten up my arse and gotten this thing going.


So let me know what you all think and let me know if theres anything right off the bat that you'd like made. If theres any existing graphics you want altered or have images based on Email them to the Company Email address I set up.

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Up this one goes....


Glad it helped to inspire/get people thinkin anyway. Best of luck on it but youre pretty dedicated, ive no doubts this thing'll go just as far as you want it to.

Again if i can do anythin dont hesitate to ask.

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Finally got some updates on the website.


The listing of features will not be clickable links to sample pages of the catagories their advertising. So far I've got static Emoticons and CD labels and I'm working on a logo, some banners and some animated GIF's next.


Keep checking back for future updates!

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