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Ape Escape II


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Ape Escape II coming to PS II this summer


Just a quicky to put it out there. Junker, Spiffy, fans of the last one - you know what this means, should be cool.


The rest of you who're simply interested in videogame primates, what with Donkey Kong takin a break, might wanna give this one a go if you've a chance & enjoy platform games. Sure, Sega has Sonic, Nintendo's got classics like Mario, but Sony doesnt often have a flagship mascot platformer to hold onto - both Crash Bandicoot and Abe (and his Oddysey) sold out to X-box, who knows how long before that ho Spyro the Dragon follows suit. But the real fans knew since part 1: them monkey's in Ape Escape keep it real.

Although theyre annoying as hell to catch sometimes, this game's known for really fun gadgets, cool level layout, etc, so ive got high hopes for this sequel. After Monkey Ball leaving me wanting to see Trent Reznor torture some primates, this one might redeem them as a genus/whatever.

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I mean :monkey: games...and yeah Monkey Ball's a blast, but one player its beatin my ass all over the damn place. Anyway, if you have your PS1 hooked up, i can let you borrow a burned copy of Ape Escape 1, you might dig it...frustrating at times, but pretty fun, especially when you get this remote-controlled car.

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