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It has been mentioned that the music thread aren't diverse enough. So he's a thread on a jazz musician.


There are many great trumpet players in the world of Jazz. Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, jsut to name a few. But for me, and many others, Dizzy rises above the rest. Why Dizzy? Well, Louis and Miles in particular look like tough competition, but for me it's a simple reason, Bebop is the one jazz form I truely love. Louis is more traditional big band 20s jazz, and Miles is mostly cool jazz. Both fine genres, but neither move me on any level like bebop does. I recommend to anyone not familiar with jazz that likes rock, go to bebop first. It's got a good beat and can be heavy at times (The Cowboy Bebop theme song, Tank! by The Seatbelts, is a prime example of good bebop recorded with modern equipment). Dizzy often played trumpet with Charlie "The Yardbird" Parker (sax) and Thelonious Monk (piano), both also incredible innovators. I'll talk more about Dizzy later, but first I wanna see what people already think about or know about Dizzy or Bebop in general. Talk it up fellas!

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Good thread, Jax.

Dizzy's the goods. Favorites that come to mind are "Anthropology", "Overtime", "Take the A train", his cover of "Salt Peanuts" and uh...im bad with song names, recommend some tracks people.

Ill say more on the man & his music later, but he's one of the greats for a reason. I lean towards Miles m'self, i dig that cool jazz, but i wont take from Dizzy or bebop.

Jax - if you want, recommend a Yoko Kanno track or two as well, ive been pimping "Dijurido" and "Call me" wherever i can. "Elm" too. :D

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