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first of all, let me start by saying.... this game is hard! as with metal gear, you die, you have to start again; this time at saved checkpoints. there are about 3-5 checkpoints in a level, so a lot of the time, you're gonna get real familiar with certain parts of a level (not to mention frustrated.) you will also get to know your weapons real well too. instead of packing 5-10 weapons, sam fischer only carries two (at the point i'm at in the game, which is probably 3/4,) but makes up for it in functionality.


ok. you've just started up the game. first you'll have to run a test course to 'refresh' your skills. you will be quite disoriented at first because while one joystick controls movement, the other controls the camera (generally behind sam.) once your weapon is drawn, the camera joystick becomes the aiming joystick. also, a majority of the buttons change as well to access the secondary functions of the weapon.


what makes this game stand out from all the others? the emphasis on stealth. think of it like this: most games out there in the stealth world are like the digital pad. splinter cell is an analog pad. Both light and sound have an effect on your 'stealth meter,' which even moves when you're a tad faster than crawling.


oh yeah? they can use sound against you, but what happens if you have dolby digital? i can hear directly where the fucker's coming from. this does play to my advantage.


so does the night vision/thermal goggles, where i can hide in the darkness. this is where the xbox flexes its muscles. there is constant lighting effects that are totally unparallel and make splinter cell the stealth game it is. From blinding light to rotating lights (cop cars,) to neon glows, to darkness. It is done so well, that the added realism cannot be described. the textures and object graphics are also done quite well.


Now, let's talk about nifty gadgets. sam has the standard lockpick, night vision, and silenced pistol. however, he also has optical cable (looking through closed doors,) sticky cameras (which can be shot and positioned on any surface to see in 'sticky' situations,) sticky shockers (instant guard disable,) and disctaction cameras. distraction cameras are quite a blast, since they are sticky cameras that make noise. when a guard checks it out, you can release gas to knock him out. most of these gadgets are used in combination with sam's primary weapon, and are attached/detached according to which gadget you use for the situation. i don't know how close to reality these weapons are, but they sure make taking out guards fun!


most missions are stealth based, so you will find a lot of your time will go to crouching and walking very slowly, hiding bodies, and shooting out lights. but there are ocassional run and gun missions. that accompanied with a tom clancy conspiracy story make this game quite a nice game.

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Hideo Kojima himself (director of the Metal Gear Solid series) gave this one props, said its a great game with feaures he wishes he wouldve been able to implement.

Naturally, being that Metal Gear 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, i was wary of this X-box one that was being treated like a "solid snake" killer.

Its not. Like Spiffy said, from what i saw, its a very detailed stealth game, tho it does have more in common with Metal Gear than say Tenchu. Attention to detail (as he mentioned) is not only strong, but using Spiffy's Dolby example, it causes you to be more enveloped by the game.

What lil i was albe to see while Spiffy was here looked fun, tho intricate and at times confusing (not knowing where to go, etc), but if you dont mind the difficulty, this one looks like it'd be really cool. Ill have to play more of it when im back in miami.

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metal gear killer is pushing it. Of course, i still firmly believe mgs for the playstation one is still the god of these games, splinter cell is still very entertaining. if only the story was less political and more personal like mgs, it would so kick ass.... and more run and gun missions..... yeah.... that would be good.


i hear it's also out for pc, so there's a chance you pc guys can dl it from your preferred peer 2 peer program and experience it. it will be out for ps2 later this year with 'added' effects to make up for what the xbox's graphical exceptions.

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