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Saw a free Fiu preview of this one. New Chris Rock movie. And this is his movie. He writes, directs, and stars in it. Story is that one party's presidential candidates die, and they need a replacement. So they hire a local do-gooder to run for president just to boost the party's reputation so they can win the next election. Here, chris rock comes in and show everyone how cool it is to be black. Hilarity ensues... or something.


It was pretty funny. It wasn't all that great, but it was pretty funny for what it was. Now, don't get me wrong, renting one of Rock's standup videos is so much funnier that... well... it isn't even funny. 5 minutes of Rock's standup contains more laughs than 10 viewings of this movie. But it wasn't so bad, it's got some laughs, particularly when they let Rock just stand around and ramble (gee, maybe thats what stand up comedians should do...). Bernie mac does a pretty damn good job, bitch slapping all who get in his way, but a video of his stand up kicks the crap out of this movie too. The movie is essentially a soapbox for Rock to say what he thinks is wrong with the country, but it follows the typical comedy script that has him winning the girl and all this so it isn't all out satire at all. Also, I'd like to let people know that the Nelly song "Hot in Here" is NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Hell, it never was funny. It's especially not funny just because a bunch of old white people sing it. Another thing, white people speaking and acting like black people is not funny. For such a smart guy, Rock lets this movie drown in stupid, shallow stereotypes. There's like 5 or 6 running jokes in this movie and maybe 1 or 2 of them worked. Rock overdirects the movie like a cartoon. I actually prefer this to the way usual comedies are shot. Everything's pretty exxagerated and it helps keep the tone extremely light, doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest.


I enjoyed seeing this movie because it was an FIU premiere, and with such a good big crowd I'll laugh at damned near anything, but looking back on the movie, it was pretty average, and the laughs that it did have are straight from rock's stand up. Stay at home and rent "Bigger and Blacker."


Oh, and extra points off, it features a pretty shitty song by Nate Dog, and back in the day Nate Dog was the man (along with Warren G). It pained me to here him sound bad in this.

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See..from the trailer, this looked like one of the ones that was usin its good lines there, and mightve played up the black/white angle too much...Rock gets accused of that already but as Junker said, its a lot easier to pull in stand-up without the restraints of plot & such.

I had hopes because Rock's been known to do some smart shit in his HBO show & such, shame to hear it turned out like this. Was hopin itd work out like im told Barber Shop did, been meanin to cacth that one.

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