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Anybody seen nba street 2 yet? Even if you're not a fan of the nba, the street ball element in this game makes in so much fun. Not to mention all the improvements that have been made over the original like bouncing the ball off your opponent's face or dribbling the ball with your knees. Even the create-a-baller option has been redone with tons more options than the first nba street. Definitely a must have when it comes out.

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It's a 3 on 3 full court street game with street rules. It doesn't have the violent "knock 'em out and take the ball" steals that nba jam had. Instead, they opted for more finess rather than brute strength. If you've got quick hands, then you can swipe the ball clean out of your opponents hands or knock it out of your opponent's and make a mad dive for the loose ball. The picks, however, can be a little violent. Offensively, it's all about faking out your opponents and racking up trick points before you go in for the monster dunk. You can also go for a double or even triple dunk for some serious points. You can alley oop to a team mate, to yourself or have a team mate alley oop to you. A funny new addition is being able to alley oop to your team mate off the defender's head. This game is all about being flash and smooth while making your opponents look foolish. Here's a link to the NBA STREET 2 website for more info.

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