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Dunno if Yank college radio have picked up on this California three-piece yet but all I know is my fave London radio station Xfm (104.9) have been playing their debut single Diamond and Guns pretty much non-stop and is the best song I've heard in ages.


Imagine LLCoolJ raping the Beastie Boys with a funky-as-hell dance track put over the top. Absolutely brilliant, hunt it down, for your sake. Can't wait for more...

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I got this off epitaph.com a coupla minutes after my post yesterday and I gotta say I liked it. Tim Armstrong is a always good for growling out a song and the drummer from Blink-182 is fucking great. I'm definitly gonna be on the lookout for their C.D. next time I'm in a record store. I dunno about the total punk vibe though...

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