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ok... finally finished watching this series.


noir is basically a story about a duo out to find answers. All along the way, blasting just about anything and taking on assasin missions. one assasin, named kirika (you don't even find out her name till the middle) is looking for her past. The other, named mirile, is the seasoned and wise professional just waiting to find the answers, so she can kill her. Strange deal? yes. and i didn't spoil it cause that's in the first episode. typical story - no real ground is broken here...... however it does take time to pick up. i'm being over critical really. the things that are pulled off are UNREAL. now, i've seen crazy hk flicks, but this goes way beyond bending physics or skills. if you are bothered by unreal stunts, don't watch this.



cool chanting music when they're kicking ass

pastel colors and original animation style

UNREAL action stunts



story kinda lacking

UNREAL action stunts

lack of UNREAL action sequences vs. filler

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