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Casting the A-Team movie

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There's really only four characters that need casting. I suppose in the new A team they could be Gulf War vets rather than Vietnam vets...



B.A. Baracus: difficult since Mr T. created a very distinct character. Still, I suppose Michael Clarke Duncan from Green Mile could do it. If not there's always Ving Rhames. (Is it racist of me to keep thinking the part has to be played by a black man? I suppose an Italian might wear gold like that...)


'Hannibal' Smith: I know that Bruce Willis is trying hard for dramatic 'important' parts these days, but if he could ressurect some of his wisecracking days he'd have the part down right. I suppose Dennis Quai would be good at it too...



'Face': I've always wondered what an army commando team needed to be so good with diguises for, but I digress. The part just screams for someone lightweight - Jerry O'Connel maybe? He might be too young... Matt Damon then? He's probably had enough of ensembles though, after Ocean's 11 and 12 and 2 Kevin Smith movies...


'Murdoch' : Remember the early episodes when they had to keep busting him outta his psych hospital? That was always fun...


A crazy Pilot? If Nic Cage were a bit younger, he'd be perfect... Oh well.



I'm probably the only one who even wants to see an A-Team movie, but it's nice to think of... I'm too tired right now to come up with more possibilities though.

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