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The Games Factory and my little project


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Anyone here ever heard of The Games factory?(TGF) it's a program for making videogames really easy, there's a free version to download at the site, but it doesn't let you save .exes, only .gams, which can only be opened by people who download TGF. it makes making games so easy that i'm almost ashamed of using it with my (somehwat limited) knowledge of programming.


So anyways, I was bored and I made a megaman/mario world game based on DD. "Drunken Deities: Newbie's Quest" I named it . here's some screenshots:


Title screen


Character Select


Generic Level.



In the Game you play as Newbie, a smileyface Stick figure who recently logged on to Drunken Deities and discovered something was amiss, all the Gods had gone haywire, and it's up to him toturn everything back to "Normal" the only way he knows how. with alcohol.


Armed with his Shotglass Buster, he goes through worldds created by the deities and fights random enemies (robots, bad movies, computer viruses, and toast) till he gets to the the boss, gets them drunkk and gains new weapons (ala megaman), along the way he collects coins and dollar bills( ala mario, kinda) which fuel his newly aquired weapons.


neat huh? I thought so. which brings me to my problem, I havn't actually FINISHED the darnded thing, as you could probably tell by the crappy screenshots, but I want to. i jsut can't figure out who from the forum to use in the game, only 8 slots you know.(don't worry at the rate this game is progressing, there will be a sequel in a week if ya want.) and what levels to use for them. the people in that screenshot arn't confirmed by the way, the people I'm set of using sofar ar e only Jax, IC and yahve. I won't be in it çause I don't post enough to be. maybe a sequel.... oh well. Thus, the real questions in this post.


So, Who should be in the game?


Anybody want to help with art/levels?


if you want to play a sort of alpha version, e-mail me and i'llsend you one, you'll need to download TGF though.

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Well, if you want all senate members, click ont he "Members" link near the top of the page on the right and arrange by total post number in descending order.


However, if bosses with personality are what you need, femnazi (as IC has dubbed her) HeartlessBitch, bible thumping Benny, Retarded Spongebob, Film Critic JunkerSeed, poor grammered artisticcartoon and Local Newscaster Jumbie are thematic enough to have themed levels.


Nice work Vic.

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Hrmm… personality bosses sound good. Here’s what I was thinking for bosses /levels/ weapons. Ignore the character select screenshot completely… I just took random avatars and put them there for a screenshot, none of those levels actually exist yet :D;


Assuming nobody else gives any better Ideas, this is what’s going in the game.


Jack’s meandering thoughts

Music Theme Level

Weapon – Bass Boost, screen shakes for a sec, you go faster, all your enemies on screen go slower.


Irish Cowboy

Desert/ Wild West Theme Level

Weapon – Irish Whiskey Blast, big blast of, you guessed it, Irish whiskey.



No clue on level

Weapon – Yahve analogy, a sentence that makes no sense, anything hit by it is forced to pause for a second, then their head explodes.


Artistic Cartoon

Cartoony / nonsensical Level

Weapon – No clue on weapon


Sponge Bob

Underwater Theme Level( that’s underwater like it is in the sponge bob show, the one that makes no sense)

Weapon -No Clue on weapon



Heaven/sky Theme Level

Weapon – Turn SSJC (Super Saya-Jesus Christ), invulnerable for a little while.



“Paperboy” Theme Level

Weapon – News Hurts, Throws a newspaper



Femnazi Theme Level

Weapon – I’ve something in mind…. devil.gif

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artistic likes brass knuckles, i dig katana. But its your game, looks pretty cool...when you got somethin goin for others to try out, lemme know and we'll (try) to find somewhere to host it or otherwise distribute it, another Drunken Game'd be cool.

I vote some Preacher folk in too like KOS, MLB, 2Track etc...oh, and can miss Heartless throw wadded up dolla bills?

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