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Gregory Peck, 1916 - 2003

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Gregory Peck died today:


He was best known for his role as Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. The man just had so much PRESENCE.




I remember back when I lived with Irish, I had planned a Gregory Peck DVD festival. I was gonna borrow Mockingbird, Guns of Naverone and The Gunfighter, and watch them all in one night. Netflix fell through though, so that was the end of that and then I had to leave Miami.


I still want to do it. I just need to find people here who'll appreciate 3 movies that cover racial prejudice, WW2 commando goofiness and a thoughtful Western.


Maybe when I get back to Miami, Nick? Or - heh heh - when you come visit me?


ALso, I recommmend anyone who's a Peck fan to go listen to Bob Dylan's Brownsvilee Girl. (That song's the reason I wanted to see The Gunfighter)

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Hmm, Peck is one of those actors who you really don't know by name half the time, but when you list the stuff they've done you realize how fucking great they are. It says something about an actor when you can't even remember their name, but you remember all of their characters.

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