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Swimming pool

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Yeah, this is my last review ever, if ya want more of em, take it up with yahve. That's right you guys have to go check if these obscure movies are any good all by yourselves now.


So, I went in to Swimming Pool knowing that it got good reviews, and there is a really hot chick in it. And to get it out of the way, yes she's hot, yes, very hot, and it doesn't hurt that she's naked through half of the movie. As for the movie itself, it wasn't bad, but nothing to go nuts about. I think it was definately worth seeing. It was directed very well, but I think it's style took itself too seriously. This is a funner movie than it thinks it is. The pacing was way too slow, you're going to go in and think it's a dead serious movie about gay cowboys eating pudding but it's really a sexually driven, funny mindtease that's very accesable once you get past it's appearance.


SPOILER: Though I thought this was cool, but I think this is a good time to say: no more movies where the whole movie didn't happen! That's it! The usual suspects comes out and gives everybody a cool, new plot device, and it gets run into the ground. No more. It's a cute twist to add to the end of your movie but I want to start seeing movies that HAPPENED! It's starting to feel a bit like I just beat super mario bros. 2 and they tell me the whole game didn't happen. It's getting to the point where I'm going to assume that nothing I'm watching is happening. It was groundbreaking in the Usual Suspects, they changed it around a bit in fight club, and it was really well done in mulholland drive, but that's enough!

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I work in a cinema now and went into to see if everything was running smoothly in Swimming Pool.


All I see is some chick going down on some guy in the pool.


Then she got out naked, tits, fergle the lot.


Gonna see it tommorow.


Love my job

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