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This morning, Marvel notified retailers that the the next issue of Avengers, #71, originally due to be in stores next Wednesday will be delayed until October 15th, and its normal “PSR” rating changed to “MR” or Mature Readers due to adult content.


Marvel’s notification to retailers reads:


At this time, Marvel has decided to delay the ship date of Avengers #71 by one week. The book will now ship on October 15, and will be returnable. Please treat this issue of Avengers as a Mature Readers issue.


While a PSR rated title, this issue of Avengers contains mature content in the story (specifically a sexual situation, and domestic violence) which warrants an even stronger warning. The book was inadvertently not labeled as containing mature content.


Marvel Comics respectfully requests that all Marvel First Look retailers use discretion when deciding to display First Look copies of Avengers #71 (JUL031474D4).


Marvel apologizes for any inconvenience or difficulties that this situation may have caused.

The sexually suggestive scene in question relates to a scene with Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne in bed, with the strong suggestion made, as a moist Pym is miniaturized and crawling up Janet’s body from under the covers that he used his shrinking powers in a manner that was most certainly not related to crime fighting.


The issue also contains a scene where it is revealed that long-time Avengers enemy Whirlwind beats up a prostitute dressed as the Wasp (Van Dyne’s alter ego), confesses that he has always been sexually attracted to her, and then licks her face while she’s unconscious.


This is the first time a mainstream Marvel Universe title has been rated for mature readers, prompting some retailers to voice concerns that, if they are to be conscientious in the retail community, they cannot sell the issue to buyers who are under age, even if it means leaving a gap in their collection.


As one retailer expressed to Newsarama, Marvel assured retailers that when they abandoned the Comics Code they would maintain a consistency within their in-house ratings on a given title, ensuring that there would be no variation in ratings between issues.




Hmmm...so whatta ya reckon - cynical marketing scheme or cynical marketing scheme? What's that you say? Cynical marketing scheme?


Why I was just thinking the same thing myself! Seriously, if Marvel were so concerned so much to the point that they had to bump the title up from a PSR rating to a Mature Readers one, they woulda just changed the controversial page - or at least left it out (woohoo more space for a Twizzlers ad!). Me thinks that they just wanna get some older readers on board and what better way than slapping a big ol "Mature Readers" label on it. Then maybe they can get 'em hooked like Pronsias Cassidy was on gear. Damn you Jemas and your ploy! I wonder what they'll do with the folks that have subscriptions?


The retailers are right to be concerned about the younger readers as well. It's nice to see that they are their concern. It would suck to have a gap in your collection just 'cause some chumps decide to make your favorite title a MR one. Sheesh - what next - Mr. Fantastic banging Sue with his fantasti-cock while he's miles away taking care of business in Latvaria?



Well, we can't leave that out - hows about we smack a big ol' Mature Readers label on it...yeah, that's the ticket...a new sports car for me and I don't even have to crap out another Marville mini!

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Eh...i can see where it seems cheap (im still not picking up a non-Ultimates avenger book), but from the same thread over at Bendis'...


nazis... genocide...terrorism...



but whatever you do, don't show boobs.


boobs will bring about the downfall of mankind.

i really hope marvel doesn't cave to pressure and change it the same way they pussed out on the princess di thing.


Happen to agree...comcis may not be the medium to address our weird, american "decaptitation is ok, but natural sex is a durty" thing, but thing is...why should a couple having sex in a comic strike us as such an odd thing? Does it, in movies & such? No...and if this was the Ulimates i doubt it'd be noticed as much. Its just that the Avengers, as a title, is so far from any sense of realism you forget its characters may be anatomically accurate. At least Stark tries to bang the other Ultimates (as does the Hulk, but anyway), that really keeps the book from seeming one-dimensional, to me.

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