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Survey taken at the last Tokyo Game show, here's the results...


Wondering what avid Japanese gamers are like these days? A thousand attendees of this fall's Tokyo Game Show show were surveyed by show organizer CESA. CESA stresses that the survey represents mainly the hardcore, show-going gamer, and that general tastes may vary, but the numbers are still worth a look.


The most dominant showing was not from a company, but a genre - RPGs are just as popular as they seem. Nearly 40% of Japanese gamers named RPGs as their favorite genre, with their cousin strategy games next at 7%. FPS games (first-person shooter) are indeed so unpopular in Japan that LAN games are in a statistical dead-cold with them, both at under 1%.


Sony clearly leads in install base, with 79% of people surveyed owning a PS2 and 69% having some flavor of PS1. The next most popular console was the Super Nintendo, with 58%, followed by the GBA with 56%. Coming in behind those systems (and the Dreamcast, Saturn, Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color) was the Xbox, with 10%.


There may be some latent interest in Microsoft's system, though, as 17% said that they would be interested in buying the console, the second most popular choice after the GameCube.


CESA is expected to release an English version of the survey soon.


Pretty different results, eh? Our stats'll rate FPS higher, but sports games will go rather high too, racers as well i imagine. I dont know that were all about the FPS, as the PC crowd doesnt usually attend this kind of show. In any event, its interesting. It also shows why i play games in the wrong country. ???

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Maybe not..gotta admit, what's the last new thing the genre's done? Capcom's still massive 2D, the Tekken ones are gettin sharper but outside of addin some style, there's not a whole lotta difference...we need somethin big, SF II: World Warrior big, ya know? The japanese game market's more fickle than ours, if you dont keep it up, i think they lose interest...outside of RPG's.

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