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"SaveKaryn.com started in June 2002 when my broke booty couldn't pay my credit card bills - credit card bills that added up to over $20,000 - credit card bills that were run up from shopping too much. Yep. Too many lattes at Starbucks. Too many BCBG tops. Too many great Gucci purses.


I lay in bed one night and thought to myself, "Self, $20,000 isn't that much money. If 20,000 people gave you just one dollar, then your debt would be gone!" So I created a silly little low-budget website that asked people to help me pay off my $20,000 credit card bill that was run up from shopping."


God help me, strike her with lightning please. :shoot:


Picture of her sorry ass on her site


and other people joining in the fun.....


"If I were to leave my husband now, I would be unable to support my daughters," states the FAQ at helpmeleavemyhusband.com. Penny, who declined to give her last name, built the site in August after she heard about Brooklyn resident Karyn Bosnak's savekaryn.com. Since savekaryn.com went online in July, visitors have donated $9,700 toward paying off Bosnak's stack of Prada and BCBG-induced bills.


"At first, I couldn't believe that this girl was drinking lattes and wearing Prada pumps," Penny said. "But I also thought her site was really funny, and if I had a couple bucks, I'd send them to her."

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Honestly, I kinda get a kick out of it. I mean if I could get a whole shit load of people to each give me a dollar...damn, screw working my way through school. What's funny is the sheer number of people who actually DO "donate" cash to these "e-panhandlers." Shit man, if people just want to give away cash, without me having to render any goods or services...I'd take it. Perhaps these people are manipulative of the extrordinarily dumb, but well I don't have a lot of sympathy for the extraordinarily dumb.

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