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Some great trailers that came attached to Showtime inspired me to start a thread for movies that are coming up in the future that you're looking forward, especially ones other people may not have heard about.  


Insomnia - This one came out of nowhere, Directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento), and Al Pacino's next movie.  Also has Robin Williams and Hilary Swank (Boys dont cry, The Messenger) in it.  It's a remake, but I've never seen the original.  I do know that the original's dvd is by criterion, and I've never seen them release a bad movie.  Looks great, about a guy who accidentally kills his partner and is being blackmailed by a serial killer.  Seems typical, but looks like a really psychological take on it.  I don't think all of these people could make a bad movie...


Death to Smoochy - Missed it at FIU... saw the trailer, friggin hilarious. Ed Norton, Robin Williams (don't call it a comeback...) and Danny Devito are in it.  It's about the bloody, cutthroat, dangerous business of children's television.  This one looks too damned good, I'll chekc it out real soon.


Garage Days - From the director of the FIRST crow, and dark city (two of my favorite movies), is a story about a band from australia trying to make it big.  Certainly a huge change from the comic book style movies, but it's lookin good (garagedaysthemovie.com), and website tells me that this guy has a sickening amount of potential.  


Adaptation - From Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, Director and writer of being john malchovich.  I've mentioned this one before.  It's about Charlie Kaufman's attempts at adapting the book "The Orchid Theif" to the big screen.  So it acts as an adaptation of the book, (since it has clips of the book) and a movie in itself.  This one is shaping up to be great.


Gangs of New York - New scorsese movie!!!  No, not goodfellas type gangs, this one is set in America in the mid 1800s.  Has decaprio (who is a fine actor, trying to kill his pretty boy image alla Pitt), cameron diaz, and a couple others you'll recognize when you see them in it.  It's Martin goddamned Scorsese for christs sake!!!


Punchdrunk KNuckle love (title uncornfirmed) - By PT anderson, guy who made Sydney, Boogie Nights and Magnolia.  A change for him, it's a comedy with Adam Sandler in it.  I think this is great.  The guy's other 3 movies have very cool characters and some really funny parts in them, but are pretty much dramas (ESPECIALLY magnolia, that's a drama and a half)  so I can't wait to see a genuine comedy out of the guy.  It's about the boss of a phone sex company falling in love with a girl while he's on the run from a gang of thugs.


That's it, I'm spent I tried to write about stuff not many people know about, but SHOULD know about... anybody know of anything else good coming out?

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Why yes good sir...


"...spins a web, any size...catches thieves...just like flies..."


Sorry... :D I...cant...fuckin...wait. Goddamn Wizard magazine keeps hypin me.

Uh, right.  There's another one comin later called "Blood Work" i think, it has Clint Eastwood so obviously itll be fuckin great  (i dont want any shit bout "Madison County", the man has a drinkin problem sometimes.  :D )

Lemme know when you go for "Death to Smoochy", what lil i caught last nite at FIU looked funny, and Williams + Norton cant be too bad.

As for the Pacino & Sorcese ones, its sad...i dont really need to hear dick bout them to want to go.  "Pacino's doin a 3 hour Doritios ad? Fuck graduation, lets go!"

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