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A few years back me and a few of my boys decided to take a trip away from the pale and head down to Co. Kerry. We had a big fuck off house to ourselves and were happy as pigs in shit and then we went down to the local and every fucker in there was speaking Irish. It was pretty surreal (especailly after a few j's). It turned out to be great though as we all got hammered and knocked out as much broken irish as we could.


What that has to do with anything...I dunno...I've been getting senile recently, veering all over the place and typing before I think...say that Paris Hilton ho sure is...see there I go...


As for all the votes it's unbelievable. The micks are really coming out for this one. If an online poll means anything is anyones guess, but hey why the fuck not give it a try, right?


For a country that has been in the EU/EC/EEC and all the other monicers that it has assumed over the years for so long I'm shocked that they don't recognise gaeilge as one. Everyone up to the age of 18-20 speaks it everyday in School (the mandatary 5 hours a week) not to mention the areas where it's spoken exclusively, and there's an all irish tv channel (which also shows "Oz" and "Curb your Enthusiasm"* - how cool is that?).


So, yeah, maybe it'll be futile signing, but what the hell? It'll take 10 seconds and maybe, just maybe the EU'll listen up and give some love for the little guy.



*in English of course

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