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Yeah if you wanna hear some good old skool stuff, listen to the Baka Boyz every friday cause their whole mix is nothing but the old stuff. Also on Sundays on 99 Jiggy Jamz, (i believe it starts around 6 or 6:30) they give the Sunday School mix. Its like a relief of fresh air. Lots of good stuff. I kinda prefer the Sunday School mix.

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oh my god...i was right there at work when it got goin; they kept sayin 8, but by 7 somethin it was in full effect...that shit was cool!

I'ma remember this DJ Suicide guy now...he spins cool ass shit. Old school late 80's to the golden era, that early 90's shit we all used to listen to all day at Ario's. Really made my shift a lot better, thanks tussin. :D


...it just sucked that i knew it was over when Lil Jon came on. "dont dance, we just pull out a gat, and blow yo @#$%in back away...YEAH!"....no-talent assclown.

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PBS tv has featured concerts by lots of great artists of various ages and should feature the talented old school bands in concert. Most are incredible live and more people should get the chance to experience them on soundstage live...


I was pretty blown away with the quality of the production. For a public station it was dvd par in terms of sound and camera angles. I love 'vintage' music and for me the bands that they have lined up were a treat to revisit and hear their classics.


Fleetwood Mac - Live in Boston

Joan Baez

Nickel Creek

Sheryl Crow Counting Crows

Dan Fogelberg

Alanis Morissette

Steve Winwood


Eric Clapton

Michael McDonald/Doobies


The Wallflowers

Trisha Yearwood



Lindsey Buckinghan

with Stevie Nicks



The production uses state of the art high-definition video equipment, and is digitally recorded and mixed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Upcoming broadcasts include artists like Tom Petty, Alison Krauss, Michael McDonald, Lucinda Williams, and many more...


I like it... it might be a 'outdated" for many but it's a vintage unplugged series that's really quite good. Anyone Who Doubts that PBS can't pull off a live music series should give it a try.



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