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  1. girls rule and boys drool. that is all you need to know.
  2. wow this thread is up to 900 pages and still going strong. Impressed!
  3. Pls don't leave this time!!!

  4. Hi everybody! Well i officially have my Wii up and running on the WiiConnect24. I added everyones code that is on this thread so feel free to add my code that nick posted on the first page so we can be linked! I also have Mario Kart so if you have it too send me your code so we get linked up on that as well. woo hoo!
  5. Happy Birthday! I miss you. We all miss you. <3

  6. Hey, today's your 5th hondonian anniversary, impressive!

  7. Happy birf, Tussin! hope its a good one.

  8. Good grief! but what makes you guys so far behind?
  9. My god you are waiting for papermario for GC to drop in price still? Its already been put on Players Choice out here in the states.
  10. is that right? ha. lets see.
  11. I have Super Paper Mario and it rocks! Waaaaaay better than the one for the Gamecube. Maybe Panch will come play it and be so thrilled about it that he will go buy his own system. hahahaha.
  12. You still gotta add me back on your Wii, or i cant send you all these sexy Jax miis.

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