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Deuces Wild

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awesomeI saw this one tonight since I saw spiderman in the morning.  My review might run a bit long due to my blood alchohol level but bear with me.  Really good movie, but it could have been a LOT better.  Previews gave a good rundown of the story, gang trying to keep drugs off the street, clashing with other gangs that find drugs quite profitable, or just plain dont like em.  This one was really good except for a few things that stood out like crazy.  For one thing, the villian is just that, a villain.  The guy might as well have a curly moustache and be tying chicks to train tracks cause he's just pure evil with no cause or justification.  There's not even a good reason why the rival gangs let him stay in their groups, he's an asshole to them too, makes no damned sense.  He sticks out cause every other character is well developed and has reasons for what they do, whether it be good or bad, this guy is just bad.  Starts out with one sort of antagonist who isn't exaclt fully developed, but has solid logic behind what he does, the real antagonist (not a spoiler that he comes in later cause they tell it to you in the first 5 minutes) just kind of likes being evil.  Also a bit of weak acting from a couple people, main character's brother in particular.  Most of the acting was great though. Stephen dorph does an awesome job at being good at heart, but human, Fairuza Balk was badass as she usually is, really cool actress.  Rest of the supporting gang members were good, including Johnny Knoxville, who was barely in it, they didn't call much attention to him thankfully.  Fight scenes were great, really reminiscent of Fight Club as far as the sound was concerned, the really loud smacks and with cool slo-mo to boot.  Movie was really good, especially before the evil bad guy comes into play.  I have some criticisms, but I'm just really pissed about those cause the rest of the movie was really cool, coulda been awesome, but just ended up being  good.  So, I definately reccomend this one, but if they would have gotten some more stuff right, and payed attention to some characters as much as they did others, it would have been a classic.

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Christ, Junker youre a fuckin lush! :ill: :D

Was a lil curious, mostly 'cause it looked like this one had half its cast right outta Sopranos, wanted to see how they faired outside the show - ive seen Tony and Chris in other flicks, but not some of these ones.

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