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Calling all John Woo's fans out there......


This movie is entertaining....sort of.  Why do i say this?  I feel his presence in the movie, but i don't at the same time.  I don't know how the war movie crowd is going to take it either.  He was trying to blend in his action sequences with war sequences reminicent of (heros shed no tears.)  This is a fan's opinion; i was disappointed.  It is not like killer, hard boiled, hard target or once a theif.  You may say that's a good thing...


well, there are some things i liked though.  again, there is brotherhood, friendship and culture in this movie.


This may be a semi-spoiler (not plot spoiler)

where are the double berettas?  i was almost sure there was going to be a scene here....  like, i ran outta ammo, here's an extra beretta, let's go wild crazy.



note:  chihiro tells me that in this film, the us and japan seemed to be equal in power.  In reality, she says US totally wiped the floor with japan in the saipan battles.

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I am gonna give it a chance, that's why i'm seeing it.  Now, see, if woo really wanted to expand his horizons, he'd do a non-action movie.  I think Once a theif is the closest he's gotten to that ever since he started up with what he's famous for.  I'm still seeing this one, cause I know the action's still gonna be cool.

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IF Woo REALLY wanted to expand his horizons, he'd conduct and orchastra or become a broker of Wall Street or join the IRA or volenteer for human testing of experimental growth hormones or bleach is pubic hairs and become a nude model for avant garde painters or wear a chicken costume and dance on the grave of Kernel Sanders or see if he can drink enough booze to make his blood flammable or...ummm...what a minute, I think I've covered all his options. ANYway, horizon expansion is a relative endevor. Ever seen teh movie "What About Bob?"? Baby Steps!

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I came back from seeing this one today, it was decent, worth seeing as a fairly cool war movie about a new subject, but it could have been infinately better.  Even the action I thought left a bit to be desired.  Granted, some very cool moments, but none of the choreographed chaos of woo's other movies.  I mean, he doesn't have to stick his trademarks in every movie, but these action scenes weren't much different from the action of any other war movies, it seemed like it was on autopilot for a lot of the movie.  Used lots of cliches, lots of scenes of soldiers carrying another guy on their back and getting shot in the calf muscle, the whole "give this to my wife in case I dont make it" with the "no, because you're going home alive" response, we've got a guy who is tormented by a bad choice he made before and constantly flashes back to it, the whole deal.  I guess these things have been done well before, but this time they mostly came off as cliche.  Sure, it dealt with friendship and brotherhood and all of this, maybe it would have been better if there were more developement there and more conflict between the characters, loved the bit about the instruments.  Umm, basically it was certainly worth seeing for the action, and some other bits that were handled well, but I'd definately expect more from woo.  I dont mean I wanted pistols flying in the air and tables being knocked over and crazy choreographed fighting (although that would have pleased me to no end) but if he's not using his old trademarks, he should make new ones.  There was little that was stylistically different from other war movies, and not much in the script that couldn't have benefitted from more creative directing.  I'd hate it if woo got eaten up by the hollywood machine and starts spitting out average stuff, I figure the next thing he does should either be a compelte return to style, as pigeonholed as it may make him, or a complete departure from style.  I'd rather he try at somehting great and fail rather than not risk much and make an "ok" movie.

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