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I just saw this one earlier today and I've gotta say, it was funny as hell.  It's about two cops doing a buddy-cop reality TV show.  It basically makes fun of the stereotypical buddy cop movie, while at the same time being one itself.  Murphy and Deniro make it fun as hell to watch, Deniro is a no nonsense cop that takes his job seriously and admits that police work is mostly about paperwork and boring patrolls, not jumping over rooftops and picking between the read and green wire.  Eddie Murphy is a cop who wants to get into acting.  He spouts out one liners and catchphrases when making simple arrests and loves the camera.  Some great moments, like the constant jumping onto and sliding off of car hoods, and making fun of the wanky hollywood types.  I like that deniro's trying comedy now, the guy can be funny as hell.  So I reccomend this one pretty highly, and it's playing just about everywhere.

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Blade II, now this? Does no one call me for movies?

Oh sure, MK Ahniallation and its all "Hey Irish, wanna see a movie?"

Fuckin Episode II shows up and its "Man, that was great...hey, where's that white guy, the one who throws the parties?"  :D

Add another to m' Netflix list...fuck, ill be watchin some great films in another 9 months or so. :D

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Well, see, with me it's usually fairly spur of the moment... after school I call a few people, and if I have nothing to do I just head out to a movie cause I dont feel like going home, but sure, I'll call ya for the next one, since you're across the street from school anyways... As for blade 2, I called a buncha times but bacchus picked up the phone and was half dead... so that didn't work out.  Wouldn't mind havin company for these random movie urges anyways, so I'll make a habit of calling before, or making them a bit more planned (i.e. making plans at lunch, going after school).  So I hear that scooby doo movie is comin out pretty soon.... hey, irish.... wanna see a movie?

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