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Getaway and Ghostrider Series.


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For the Uneducated Ghostrider and Getaway are films that are about sticking to the cops basically. First off Ghostrider, well what can i say about ghostrider except fuckin awsome. The first one i saw was the second one where the first run was simply called fast food run. "Ghost rider jumps on a massive black motorcycle and hammers it through about 90 kilometers of highway and traffic to get maccas. This continues with various runs where he continues to piss off and evade the cops i tell you family fun for all ages. A friend of mine in norway posted the latest installment i was in aww for days cause the speedo on the bike rarly drops below 150k/ph. There was a rumour going around that it may be Valentino Rossi but it is unconfirmed.


Getaway in Stockholm is the same thing just done in cars, they have driven a porshe 911 a twin turbo supra and ford escort cosworth, a twin turbo supra and finally an acura nsx and corvette c5r. Check them out cause this little speed freak gives them two thumbs up.

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