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Hollywood ending

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I saw this yesterday, and damn, it was hilarious.  I guess you either love or hate Woody Allen movies, and you know what side I stand on.  This one's about a sort of has-been director who's down on his luck that finally gets a movie to work on, but it's being produced by his ex-wife's fiance.  He goes blind in the middle of the shoot and has to fake his way through the movie.  They take the blindness thing a bit too far sometimes, like he doesn't face people when they talk, even though he can hear them, and there's a bunch of random slapstick falling down, but it doesn't take away from the movie that much.  There's lots of inside jokes and jabs at the movie industry, which I liked, but might fly over some people's heads.  Overall though, if you like Woody Allen movies, you'll like this, and if you haven't seen any, this is a fine place to start.

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Can't say I've seen many Woody Allen films, a fair bit of Annie Hall, and eh....some film where he was this neurotic guy and....uh, does Antz count as one?


It'll be one of those I'll see if I have the time (i.e. probably not) but I would like to even if unfamiliar with his work.

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Antz did rule, and I'd almost consider it a woody allen movie, close enough I guess.  If you haven't seen any woody allen movies I'd suggest Manhatten first because it shows that he is a fucking visual genius when he wants to be.  You dont think of woody allen as this great visual director, but the mise en scene (the way stuff is arranged on the screen) is some of the best I've ever seen; cinematography's great, and it's just a fine movie overall.  Other's I'd suggest are Annie hall, as mentioned before, and Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Other cool ones (though a bit more straight up slapstick comedy) are Bananas and Take the Money and Run.  I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen, would love to see more of his stuff, I just really like his style of comedy, he writes incredible dialogue, and always casts some pretty good people.  He makes some of the most quoteable movies I've seen...


"He has made some very financially successful American films."


"That should tell you everything you need to know about him."

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