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Farting on the celli


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Farting pets set to hit kids' mobiles


Virtual pets which attack each other with farts could be the next craze among mobile phone users.


Pumpui pets can be accessed either on mobiles or over the internet. They interact with their owners and do battle with other pets.


The creatures have been released by Meet Factory and the Jippii Group UK.


A Jippii spokesman said: "This new service is targeted at youth and at playful adults."


Users adopt a pet from the website then look after it by SMS messaging. They can send presents to other pets or attack them with various weapons including fleas, farts and bombs.


The pets talk to their owners with phrases such as, "Hotdogs cure my munchies," "Gimme sweets - I want sweets" and "Arrggghh! Why u no give me sweets?"


Pumpui has been running in Finland for two months.


A Meet Factory spokesman said: "I am certain that Pumpui will be as popular with British kids as it has been in Finland."








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