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Which X-Man is gonna die?


my $'s on Wolvy taking out....  

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*Note: please read the last big post on this thread first.


For one, Millar said in the interivew ...


The X-Man who Wolverine does in in issue #25 has is probably one of the most high profile X-Men of the last ten years. He's enormously well-known and I'm amazed Marvel let me away with this. Obviously, they weren't going to let me kill Daredevil or the Hulk or whomever, but I was surprised when they said I could kill this character. It actually works really well.


Granted, there's a "he", but im not takin that as law. High-profiler makes me write off Cannonball, Gen X-ers, etc...I guess Angel, Havok & Polaris fit there, but im thinking more core members. Here's my odds:


Gambit - Somewhat high; he's not as popular as he was, kinda X-Treme X-Men backup. Only thing going against this is he's on the cover to Milligan's upcoming run on X-Men.


Jubilee - Not a "he", but...Logan was her mentor. She's a shit charcater these days, but i dont think he could stand it if he took her out.


Bishop - Eh; seemed irrelevant after the "traitor" thing, but he's hot on District X right now.

Then again, this arc is supposed to propell mutants back into the "hated" slot, and his death would incite riots in that district.


Nightcrawler - Well, Roberston's mini is over by then...id be amazed, tho. He was hotter than ever after X2. Plus, theyre great friends, so there's that for shock value...


Marvel Girl/Rachel - Millar already made it sound like she might get damn near raped as it is...but i dont know taht she's high profile in non-Cleremont circles.


Colossus - Cmon, i dont think he'd shit on Joss Whedon like that...hah.


Cyclops - Nah. Died too recently, and with Xavier gone, he calls the shots....i just dont see it, tho he's not Logan's favorite.


Storm - She's a possibility; they used to be tight, and she doesnt really have much goin on right now anyway.


Beast - That'd be ironic; kill an avenger, become one. No one seems to care bout his death in Ultimate X-Men, and Morrisson had to make him cat-like, and gay, for a wee bit to get him attention.

I like him, and he had a cool fight with Logan recently, but id say he's a likely candidate too.


Emma - Morrisson worked hard to get her on board, and people are taking to her. Between her series & place in Astonishing X-Men, id say she's got low odds.


Kitty Pryde - Same argument as Jubliee, plus she's big in Astonishing too....nah.


Havok, Polaris - Why not? Either could go, but i dont think theyre high profile.


Angel - Wow, what's he done since he was Apocalypse's bitch? They could very well pull him back out just to die, i guess. He is one of the 5 originals, after all.


Rogue - Theyre using her lately, and outside of the movie, i never really took much to her forced relatinoship with Logan. Id say low, Millar's going for shcok value here.


Himself - Eh...could, but its a cop-out, and the next arc hinges on his revenge. I guess he could try to end himself to stop it, and the Avengers pull him in, to take out Hydra, but....i dunno, it could be done well, but i do wanna see a big name drop at his hands.



...so yeah, i gotta think it over, but that's what i got for now. Granted, extensive x-knowledge didnt help me sovle the traitor of the "Onslaught" thing, so im a piss-poor detective here, could be way off...who do you think? Am i missing any likely candidates?


PS that "undead zombie hydra warrior" bit in the "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." arc...fanboys are worried bout Hawkeye back to fight the good guys...id say Psylocke's way more likely.

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Yeah...on a whim, its lookin like he, Gambit, and i guess Angel are the most likely...Nightcrawler might make the list too, tho. Millar's hype machine is workin.


Oh, and for those that read this week's issue...that Gorgon guy is nasty.

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