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NHL Season Cancelled

soldier of fortune

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So this coming season of NHL hockey is to be cancelled, this can't be good


Sky Sports




Can someone try explain to me why this has happened. Hockey is afterall such a great sport. I love watching it when i can, its not on that much this side of the pond, although there is a team playing outta Belfast (www.belfastgiants.co.uk)

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Basically, the league wanted to introduce salary caps on each club that would mean players salaries cut by like 25%. Players didn't like this idea but need to realise the clubs and league were going bankrupt with the current extorionate wages. It's kind of the owners faults for offering such large salaries in the first place, although it would be nice to see some of the players show a love for the sport, rather than the green. In the end no compromise was reached so no season.


NFL has had strict salary caps for years and no-one has kicked up too much of a fuss. People need to grow up.


In Boston I've followed the baseball and football religiously and was looking forward to doing the same with the hockey. Not to be. :D

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