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The Wendy Williams Experience

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Hmph...didn't realise that you Floridans didn't get The Wendy Williams Experience. Also didn't know where to post this topic, but she plays music between the talk until the gangster hour. Anyways from 2-7 you can hear her show here. Well worth checking out. I'm fucking addicted to the thing though, and don't wanna work for fear I'll miss it.....be warned, it's highly addictive...

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Yeah, ive heard of it, but most of what i hear outta NY is about Hot 97 - what's the show like? Details!

Also, just downloaded those diss tracks, and like you said, Fat Joe was ok, but damn, Jadakiss is the shit. Tore him up like a pro in less than 2 minutes.....

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Jadakiss' diss was the fucking greatest. "Since when was it cool to get shot and not shoot back"*.


As for The Experience it's split up into different segments depending on the hour. She always has kick ass guests and when she interviews someone she really gets down and dirty, which some people don't mind, but alot of the time they freak out (Whitney Housten is the best example of that, that bitch went fucking crazy after Wendy confronted her about her drug use). Also she has the advice hour, which is entertaining, but the best is the hour of truth (at 5pm when she just gossips about everyone) and the gangster hour (at 6, where it's anything goes, it's a NYC exclusive with no commercials and usually all bets are off, it was the gangster hour that got Jada's dis straight from the studio).



* or something like that, right? Sorry I only heard it on Wendy havn't d/led it yet.

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50 & them cant stop talkin bout how good she looks, i think theyre kissin up for a lil bit more radioplay sometimes but she dont look bad from her site. Down here in MIA we got a chick tryin to be her, i think.

Hot 97 got troubles lately, between shootings, and that other DJ chick who got fired for the innapropriate Tsunami joke, now she's back on...anyway, youre right, i gotta check out this chick's show.

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