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So, maybe it's just me, but in the past decade or so it seems that movie posters have really started to suck. Fantastic, dramatic and eye-catching designs have been replaced by rectangles with the faces of expensive actors plastered onto them by a studio that thinks people won't go and see a good looking movie if they don't know which A-list star is in it.


Case in point, compare the original poster design for Road to Perdition (one of my favorite posters) to the one they eventually replaced it with.





But hey, not every movie has been subject to this artistic castration, and this is a thread for them. If any of y'all have any movie posters you particularly love, put 'em up here. In the meantime, here's some of the best of upcoming movies.










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well the face is whats important...if you are tom hanks. I agree, the lack of face gives it more of a mystery and is better for theme...being that you dont put a specific actor to a role or name, that years down the road its just the character. the character is what its about not the actor portraying

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