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Any of you who've seen any of the stnadard anime-to-live-action conversions (outside of Storm Riders) know that they usually turn out like ass, sadly. Somewhere betewen acting, costumes and action, it just falls apart.


This one looks different. Spiffytee left me this ambitous title a while ago, and I'm hopin to get around to it soon, ill post more then, just wonderin what others thought of this title, if theyve seen it...? Visually, this thing looks damn impressive, from the first 10 minutes or so...


From IMDB:


In a world with an alternate history, a great war finally comes to an end leaving the earth diseased and polluted. The geneticist Dr. Azuma vies for support from the government for his neo-cell treatment that he claims can rejuvenate the body and regenerate humankind. The government leaders, guarding their own deeply entrenched powers, turn down the professor. Driven to complete his work, Dr. Azuma accepts a secret offer from a sinister faction of the powerful military. After an incident occurs in Dr. Azuma's lab, a race of mutant humans known as the Shinzo Ningen are unleashed upon the world. Now only the warrior known as Casshern, reincarnated with an invincible body, stands between the Shinzo Ningen and a world on the brink of annihilation.



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Dowe and Cj are large fans of this one. I tried to watch it one night, but the copy we had would only play sound on the computer, but we wanted to watch it on tv, so we had the audio going from the compy while the video was playing on tv haha. The parts I saw were pretty good, but our friend Valerie was over and her ex was being a poopyface on the phone, so we (paul and i haha) listened to him get pwned, phonecall style.

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