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Mechwarrior:Age of Destruction


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In place of the yearly Text based game advertisement This time I'm bringing a new form of corruption to the boards.


Tabletop Wargames


those of you who remember the glory days of ALL day Quake & Xwing vs Tie fighter over at Gamebusters on bird road might remember all those bad ass looking figures they kept stocked and every once and awhile you sae folks bust out cases of stuff and get to fighting.


Well most tabletop games carry ALOT of baggage. Building & painting, binders of rules & stats, ect... Well about 5 months ago i found a game that just blew me away.


Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction


Mechwarrior is a tabletop game based on the Clix system done up by wizkids. All the figures come prepainted and built and the base they stand on has Everything needed for that unit and can be clicked as it takes damage. And the quality of the figures are NICE.




The rules are pretty simple to learn and its an absolute blast to play. Any strategy game fans out there really need to try this. Its $9.99 for a boster that holds 1 mech, 1 vehicle and 2 infantry each with the newer boosters also including 3 cards for the expanded rules recently released.


Any TX board members that are interested I know of tournament locations in Dallas, Fort worth and bedford that are all free to compete in. And if you want to collect some cool peices but not play theres lots of sites selling singles out there.


This game just rocks!

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Its a shame Celso's (Jhnny or somethin here on the boards?) in the navy these days, he was a huge fan of this stuff. Its been goin on a few years, right? He was telllin me bout it when i was still in FIU, if i recall correct.


Those tabletop games get pretty expensive tho usually, i guess $10 aint bad to get it goin.

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Yeah $10 is dirt cheap, and if you want to get cheaper theres places that sell single peices for a couple of bucks. Not to mention if the verteran players see that your serious about playing regularly they almost always dip into their collections and give out peices to new members to help boost their collections.

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