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How you feel about Hip-Hop Sketches.  

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For the better part of Hip-Hop's history, the hip-hop sketch has been a hip-hop staple. The little parts in between songs with dialogue and conservations and characters. Sometimes in just studio banter, sometimes isn't a little mini story, but almost every albums seems to have a few of them. How do you feel about these?


If you got an opinion that doesn't fit into one of these categories, give a hollah and I'll edit the poll with a new choice.

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Yeah, it depends on the album. Method Man's "Tical 2000: Judgement Day" had a bunch, but they were mostly short, and the album had 28 tracks, almost 20 being actual songs, so it worked. Plus, the Chris Rock one was funny ('aka, Ron Hightower...")


Now, most people heard The Fugees "The Score" in the 90's, and it was a great album, However, i felt it was trying to tell some odd crime story in between songs, since Raekwon & Ghost made that popular on "Only built 4 cuban linx", only, that album was telling a story with the songs as well, and it flowed great, whereas the Fugees just left me fast forwading a lot. Plus, they didnt seperate the skits, they were sometimes before or after a song you'd wanna hear...eh.


Oh, and I wish more female rappers didnt feel the need to put tracks of them fucking or sucking dick or something on their albums, its awful shit, even when guys do it on their shit (unless its funny, like when B.I.G. did it).

"Lil' Kim's first album was so dirty, it gave me a VD listening to it." - Junkerseed, roughly

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The Fugee's The Score is flawless musically and lyrically, and they hold up well over time, but those sketches are old now. The Chinese Restaurant one is racist and not really that funny. I've always said, if you're going to be racist, it better be funny, cause otherwise that shit don't fly with me. I stand by my belief that no matter how good the sketches are, they get old way faster than the music.

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