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I recently got this cause I went over to EA here in orlando to test the new madden for X-box 360 in exchange for a shirt and a free game (relax, all I tested was the mian menu settings and options, no gameplay). SO I picked out EA's latest boxing game, fight night, round 2, and I am not dissapointed at all.


The fight system in this one is extremely intuitive, using the two analog sticks and the triggers. Rigth analog stick punches and left one moves, triggers in conjunction with those sticks sway and block. Very simple, but you can do an infinite number of things with these controls. Rigth analog control of the punches gives you complete controll of your arms, it'll take a minute or two before you can pull off a nice uppercut but once you get the hang of it, throwing huge combos will be second nature. Defense is also easy, and using that left stick to move and sway feels perfect. So far I've been able to fight many many different ways, I've just pounded on my opponent, I've let my opponent tire himself out, I've hung back and jabbed the whole time untill my opponent was so pissed he was throwing illegal shit. It really feels like all of the strategy's that work in real boxing work in this game.


Also the damage that is done to people's faces is pretty amazing. It's as if each punch changes the other fighter's appearence slightly untill at the end of the round you see very realistic swelling and bleeding. Then once the round is over, it's minigame time! That's right, the cutman minigame lets you manage the cuts and swelling yourself between rounds. This is done with a very simple and fun minigame that divides your face into four quadrants, gives you a number value for swelling and for cuts and you pick the quadrant you want to work on and whether you want to deal with cuts or swelling, then you just have to keep your curser on a moving bar to heal each part of your face. It's very easy, and give syou another important thing to do. The difficulty of it comes when you have major cuts and swelling and you're picking whether you want to heal the cuts or the swelling and whether you want to heal all of your cuts and someof your swelling a little bit, or focus on just one or two cuts. It's very rewarding.


Last thing I'll talk about is the create-a boxer system. This is teh best player creation tool I've ever seen (although I hear the tger woods game edges it out) You can damn near make any human being you can think of. You use the analog sticks to mold the muscle and fat on him till he's the size you want, then you move to his head and you use the analog sticks to mold a LOT of different head parts, his ears, his nose, his cranium, his chin, his forehead, etc etc etc, can all seperately be molded by teh analog sticks, till you have an exact head shape you want. Then there's a lot of different eyebrow hair etc combinations to choose from. It feels almost creepy to create a realistic looking person out of some sort of digital clay.


Anyways, this is the best boxing game in existance, so if you have even a passing interest in boxing (I've watched maybe one or two full boxing matches in my life) this game is a must play.

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Yeah, it's on the GC, and the GC version has super punchout on it, but beware of that goddamned c stick, it's nowhere near as good as the playstation's right anlog to control punching.


And yeah, it got a bit easy on me recently, so in career mode I'm challenging the hardest guys I can, and other than that if I fight guys with better stats than me it's still a hell of a challenge.

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