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First off, let me start by saying that I've never been a political (or religious for-that-matter) kinda guy! And it's not cause I'm scared or don't understand the shit or anything, but because I just don't wanna go around for the rest of my life having to deal with people challenging me to debates about things I think are meaningless! Don't get me wrong!! These things DO have thier place in society and are important (to a certain extent), but really, does anybody ever get to a point with these subjets? NOW, a debate about who can win in a fight... Spidey or Batman? That's what I'm talking about!! Just Kidding!


Gotcha Titus!


Great book, man! I just couldn't put it down!! The best thing about it was that it flowed perfectly! Now, I'll be completely honest... I didn't agree with everything that Mr. Brian Wood was trying to say, but I heard it loud a clear!! And that means everything, don't it? I thought about Nick and Jax the whole time reading it! You two fucks would LOVE this book!! You rebelion loving, anarchy causing freaks would eat this shit up!! No really, I REALLY recommend this trade to you two! Props to Robo for introducing it to me!! Sometimes I do fall to far into my commercial shit that I forget that there is a whole different world of comic storytellin' out there! It's usually a book like this that brings me back to earth! At least for a little while, then I'm back swingin' with Spidey again! Anyways, read this book so that I can watch you idiots debate about the shit for like 2 or 3 pages! What'd you think I was tellin' the truth when I said that I was "just kidding"? Shit, I don't like to debate about anything, but what's REALLY important...! Like who the fuck else loves the fact that Bucky's back?

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