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September 2005... The beta testing session of Socom 3 is nearing an end as the game becomes ready for release next month. The official release date for Socom 3 is 10/11/2005. The general impression from beta testers is that this game is much more customizable and improved over previous versions. Below are some quotes from GameSpot's latest preview of Socom 3.

"When the game ships, there will be 12 multiplayer missions included in the game, all of which will have day and night versions, and each will support from three to seven different game types. For the beta test, only one map was available, called Harvester. But if the Harvester map is any indication of the quality of the rest of the maps, then PlayStation 2 owners should finally get a taste of what true vehicle/shooter action is really like. Vehicles won't necessarily dominate the map, as a number of narrow footpaths crisscross the various roadways. These serve as shortcuts, so if you know what you're doing you can still get from point A to point B quickly, and more importantly, without being seen by heavily armed vehicles. The footpaths can also lead to elevated areas that simply aren't reachable by any vehicle, so those who enjoy the more personal feel of on-foot combat don't need to worry about the vehicles dominating all the gameplay." The full review can be read in the Link below.








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Yes I own the 1st one... think I own the second one but lost it... great stuff. You can hide in the shadows, shoot out lights for added stealthness, pick up dead bodies and move them to a secluded area so you don't alert the others, you can also point your gun at a direction and order your flankers to clear that area... its great.

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